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  • Affiliation

    Thanks to it affiliation, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier is able to provide companies with a full package of accounting, financial and tax services. 

  • Consulting Services

    Managing a business involves several aspects – finances, human resources, communications, marketing, acquisitions, merchandising, etc. – each one requiring specific knowledge and skills. In addition, you must manage these aspects in various contexts: expansion, sustained performance or business restart. Taillefer Lussier Gauthier offers a wide range of consulting services designed to optimize your profitability at every stage of business growth.

  • Financial Statements

    In an economic context where the world is a vast place of business, investors expect companies to have credible financial statements. Companies must prove they are honest. Hence the importance of transparent accounting practices in accordance with current Canadian and international standards. Proactive growth management of your company must be based on an accurate picture of its financial situation and advice adapted to its reality.

  • Taxation

    Taillefer Lussier Gauthier offers taxation strategies that are tailored to your corporate or personal financial profile. We take your situation and your projects into account when creating solutions within legal framework and that allow you to get the most out of your resources.