• Thanks to it affiliation, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier is able to provide companies with a full package of accounting, financial and tax services. Ensure that you receive accounting services that are uniform in quality for all your activities at home and abroad.  

    • Groupe Servicas Member


      Groupe Servicas is a large regional grouping of accounting firms with about 50 members and 300 employees, including 100 chartered professional accountants. In addition to constituting an extensive network of knowledge and skills, Groupe Servicas provides many services to members, with their respective clients benefiting directly.

      Groupe Servicas conducts stringent quality control checks in order to ensure that all accounting standards are rigorously followed. This standardizes practices and ensures that clients receive highly professional services.

      Given that some laws evolve rapidly, Groupe Servicas offers a continuing education program to keep members up to date on matters of taxation, sales taxes, accounting and certification.

      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier has been a member of Groupe Servicas since 1992.

      Groupe Servicas Website: