• Taillefer Lussier Gauthier offers taxation strategies that are tailored to your corporate or personal financial profile. We take your situation and your projects into account when creating solutions within legal framework and that allow you to get the most out of your resources.

      Taxation Services for Businesses: There are many tax obligations in a business and their numerous technicalities make it necessary to use the services of professionals who keep abreast of all tax laws. Taillefer Lussier Gauthier helps decrease your tax load, as well as your work load, by working with you all year long. 

      Indirect Tax Services: Sales tax, excise tax, customs duties, legislation concerning employee training, occupational safety and health or pay equity… These taxes and laws are indirect taxes that must be taken into consideration when creating an effective tax solution that lightens your fiscal load. 

      Taxation Services for Individuals: Like your company’s finances, your personal finances change with your projects. Taillefer Lussier Gauthier provides overall flexible solutions that are continuously revised and updated in order to care for your changing needs, while taking into account your situation as a business owner or a professional. 

      Taxes for the Self-employed: The fiscal status of professionnals and self-employed workers is halfway between that of companies and individuals. Make sure you know the special tax regulations that apply to your status by consulting Taillefer Lussier Gauthier experts. 

    • Taxation Services for Businesses

      Any financial transactions may have an impact on your tax burden. If, in addition, you are doing business internationally, tax obligations increase, especially as they differ from one country to another. Through their consultants, who are well versed in local matters and have a network of international professionals, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can help you maximize your net income, improve your performance and manage growth proactively.

      Consulting and Compliance Services for Consumption and Corporate Taxes

      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier provides a complete range of services that allow businesses to reconcile compliance and reduce their tax burden. Let us plan and manage your tax responsibilities to optimize your capital.

      Services for Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganization
      What fiscal effects will an acquisition or a merger have on your business? Is it necessary to restructure operations after a strategic reorganization in order to obtain the forecasted results? Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can help you answer many complex taxation questions by providing you with the right information on the necessary changes along with support through the transition process.

      Tax Policy for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)
      Does your business invest in research and development? If so, you might be eligible for significant tax credits. Contact us to see if your projects are eligible, to find out how to take advantage of the tax credits offered and to optimize your requests to the federal government, and some provincial governments, for the SR&ED tax incentive program.  

      Government Grants
      Do you know of all the grants your company may be entitled to? Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can help you through the intricacies of grants by compiling ones that you are eligible for and guiding you through the administrative maze of applications.

    • Indirect Taxation Services

      In accordance with certain legislative provisions, companies must assume administrative responsibilities, which can prove costly if not integrated into a well-defined management plan. Through in-depth cost-benefit analysis, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier determines the best practices to implement in order to take advantage of programs provided by the law.

      Managing Occupational Health and Safety
      In collaboration with specialised consultants, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can set up a complete infrastructure to manage occupational health and safety costs integrated into your business model.

      Law Promoting the Development of Employee Training (Quebec only)
      Do you need advice regarding the application of the “1%” law? Taillefer Lussier Gauthier offers you information regarding exemptions, extensions allowed, calculation of your payroll and various applicable tax credits that can be applied in order to maximize your investments in employee training.

      The Pay Equity Act
      External professional help is often necessary to reach wage equity within a company, for retroactive calculations of salary adjustments or to know how the law affects your business for tax purposes, Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can inform you on all the legal details of pay equity.

    • Taxation Services for Individuals

      Preparing your tax return as an employee was relatively simple. Now you own a business and taxation is more complex. Also, you must plan for your estate, modify your life insurance policy and complete financial planning exercises… Let the experts at Taillefer Lussier  Gauthier prepare your personal and business tax returns in order to help you get the most out of your revenue. They also offer advice on all aspects of your personal finances.

      Consulting and Compliance Services for Individual Taxes
      Let Taillefer Lussier Gauthier look after completion of your tax return and benefit from valuable advice on reducing your fiscal burden and getting the most out of your hard-earned capital as an entrepreneur.

      Analysis of Life Insurance Policies
      Does your life insurance policy really meet your needs, and those of your beneficiaries? Does it take into account your estate plan? Does it provide fiscal investment possibilities? 
      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can analyse your insurance policy contract and provide advice on clauses that could have an impact on your savings and investments.

      Estates and Trusts
      You have planned everything for your family patrimony… It is also important to plan your estate. With skill and empathy, experts at Taillefer Lussier Gauthier work to protect and increase your patrimony for your current and future generations.

      Financial Planning
      The financial planners at Taillefer Lussier Gauthier understand that you want to enjoy your assets now and ensure your long term financial security as well. We are always available to listen to your needs and reflect your goals through customized financial planning. 

    • Taxes for the Self-employed

      Tax on the income of self-employed workers has several aspects which are important to take into account to make the most of the credits granted in compliance with regulations. Before even completing any forms, contact a Taillefer Lussier Gauthier expert to advise you on supporting documentation to keep for your eventual declaration.

      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier specialists also offer valuable advice on the following: 
           - Your TPS -TVQ tax reports 
           - Bookkeeping
           - Your obligations as an employer
           - Plus lots more 

      Allow professionals to manage your accounting and give you peace of mind as you develop your business.