Financial Statements

Financial Statements
    • In an economic context where the world is a vast place of business, investors expect companies to have credible financial statements. Companies must prove they are honest. Hence the importance of transparent accounting practices in accordance with current Canadian and international standards. Proactive growth management of your company must be based on an accurate picture of its financial situation and advice adapted to its reality.

      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier is renowned for professionalism and thoroughness.  We offer a wide range of services in connection with, or parallel to, an assurance-based services engagement to accurately reflect the financial reality of your company and effectively manage your business development.

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    • Financial Audit

      Do your financial statements accurately reflect your actual financial situation? Taillefer Lussier Gauthier takes an outside look at your financial statements and provides an opinion on their consistency. If necessary, we rectify your procedures so you produce reliable documents to make your financial decisions.

    • Review of Financial Statements

      Is the data in your financial statements realistic and consistent? Accounting experts look for that when reviewing your financial statements.


    • Compiling Financial Statements

      Do you need help gathering all your financial data? Let us prepare your financial statements; we present them in a clear, easy-to-understand format that helps you make informed decisions.

    • Conclusion

      Taillefer Lussier Gauthier helps you choose the type of report best suited to your needs.