Industry Sector

Industry Sector
    • Our clientele is made up of SMEs and global firms. Their annual sales figures vary between $100,000 and $100,000,000..

      These companies are mainly from the following sectors:

      • Health, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology
      • Construction
      • Production, manufacturing
      • Wholesalers and retailers
      • Insurance
      • Food
      • Real-estate
      • Child care
      • Private education institutions
      • Mutual funds
      • Professional trade unions
      • Non-profit organizations


      We believe it is essential to understand our clients' industry sectors in order to provide services adapted to their needs, reality, economic situation and future prospects.

    • Pre-audit

      Are you planning a major transaction – a purchase, debt clearance or payment, for instance – but wish to be certain it will not impact the smooth running of your business? Experts at Taillefer Lussier Gauthier can conduct the necessary inquiries and offer sound advice.